14 UP health officials send resignation letters citing Covid threats

Fourteen health officials have written a letter to the state government seeking to step down as in charges and superintendents of community health centres in Uttar Pradesh’s Basti district, citing difficulties they face during Covid-19 sampling and lack of support from the administration.

“People do not cooperate and even give fake mobile numbers, addresses during sampling. Also, they threaten to beat up medical teams and register fake cases. We are not getting any administrative support to work,” said the letter.

The officials said they will continue to work as doctors in the health department.

“Working is becoming difficult with every passing day. With no security, doctors and field staff are being threatened by people. There is no option, but to resign from administrative posts,” said Dr Amit Singh, secretary of the Provincial Medical Services Association, a body of government doctors.

Last week, 28 health officials submitted their resignations from their administrative posts in Varanasi, alleging threats from an official. They later resumed work after assurances from the authorities.

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