40-yr-old MP man befriended women, then blackmailed them; arrested

A 40-year-old businessman has been arrested in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district on a charge of raping and blackmailing a 16-year-old girl. Police said the accused had been blackmailing six more women.

The girl had come forward to file a police complaint on Friday last (September 11). Satna superintendent of police Riyaz Iqbal said the 16-year-old told the Kolgawan police in the district that a man, who had introduced himself as Sameer to her, had been raping her for the past two years. He had threatened her if she reported the crime and blackmailed her.

Sameer alias Ateek – he had passports in both names – was arrested on Sunday after raids at his house, gym and cyber café. Satna district is 500 km from state capital Bhopal.

“The accused had married a woman by converting to another faith but later divorced her in 2017. He used to establish a relationship with women and later blackmailed them. He minted a large amount of money from the women through blackmailing. These women shared their ordeal with police during investigation but they didn’t want to lodge a FIR,” the Satna district police chief said.

In raids at his premises, Riyaz Iqbal said the police teams also found fake letterheads in the name of Members of Parliament and MLAs of Satna and Rewa.

“He used these letterheads to get out-of-turn reservations in trains under VIP quota. The man was also involved in illegal money lending.

A special investigation team has been set up to investigate the crimes committed by the accused, according to the SP.

(With input from Amit Singh in Satna)

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