Apple iPhone 12 buyers, here’s how much you actually need to spend to use fastest MagSafe charging

Apple has introduced a new way to wirelessly charge your iPhone 12 with MagSafe. It is basically a wireless charger that offers up to 15W fast charging and magnetically attaches to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models. It is reliable and you can continue to use your iPhone 12 while it gets charged wirelessly.
The MagSafe charger costs Rs 4,500 in India. But if you think that by just paying Rs 4,500 you will get the entire wireless fast charging experience then you are wrong. After paying for your brand new iPhone 12, the most logical purchase is to get a case or cover to protect your iPhone 12, which is made of glass. Now, this is where things become a bit tricky.
Any random case or cover will not support MagSafe charging. You will have to buy a MagSafe compatible case for the iPhone 12. The cost of the MagSafe case for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro starts at Rs 4,900. With the case and MagSafe charger you can wireless charge as well as protect your new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro from accidental falls. But what about the charging speeds?
If you want to get the fastest wireless charging speed, which is 15W, then you will have to spend another Rs 1,900 for the 20W USB-C power adapter from Apple.
So, in total you will have to spend Rs 11,300 for the entire MagSafe experience– Rs 4,500 for the MagSafe charger + Rs 4,900 for a MagSafe compatible case from Apple + Rs 1,900 for the 20W USB-C power adapter.
Now, if you are thinking that you may use your MacBook’s 96W power adapter to fast charge your iPhone 12 using MagSafe then you are wrong. Reports claim that you can only get 15W charging if you use Apple’s 20W USB-C adapter. For every other adapter you will most likely get 10W charging. If you think of using Android adapters, then you will get even slower speeds of around 6W.
If you don’t buy the MagSafe compatible case and opt for a cheaper case/cover instead, then you will have to take your iPhone 12 out of the case everytime you want to use the MagSafe charger. Also, if you don’t buy the 20W adapter, it is better to use the cable to charge, as it will be quicker.
What’s so special about the MagSafe? The problem with most wireless chargers is that while the device is charging you will not be able to use it. You even have to be careful that you don’t touch it at all as a slight touch may interrupt the wireless charging process.This is the major problem that Apple has solved with MagSafe. The company has added a coil inside the new iPhone 12 range and added magnets to the charger itself. This enables a magnetic lock between the new iPhone 12 models and the MagSafe charger. Now, as the MagSafe charger is connected to the wall socket via an adapter, you can use the iPhone as well.
Note that you will be able to wirelessly charge iPhone 8 and above models with the MagSafe charger. Also, you can charge your AirPods. But note that the magnetic alignment is only there on iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models. It will be a hassle to charge older iPhones or AirPods with MagSafe as you will have to place the device on top of the charger and leave it for charging ensuring that no sudden movement stops the charging process.

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