Call of Duty: Why China has blocked the trailer of the next Call of Duty game

The trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War was launched five days back, on August 20, with Activision planning to reveal more about the game on August 26, that is, tomorrow. Now, that very game trailer has been blocked by the Chinese government, as per a report by Kotaku. Not only that, but Activision has edited the trailer worldwide. What’s the reason behind China blocking the trailer? It’s because of one-second footage of the infamous Tiananmen Square incident of 1989 that was featured in the trailer. The Tiananmen Square incident was a tragic one that saw a crackdown by the Chinese military on protesting students.
The original trailer was over 2 minutes long. The edited trailer is of just over 1 minute that’s removed a clip showing students atop an armoured vehicle. It is not a new trailer but just the first one with a massive edit. Here is the edited version. No Tiananmen Square in this.

Here is the original one, courtesy IGN. Skip to 1.05 and there you have the controversial 1- second part, where students are crowding atop and around an armoured vehicle that seems to be a tank.
As for the backdrop of the game, the trailer of Black Ops Cold War features black-and-white footage of real-time Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov warning the US. The defector claims in the footage that a soviet spy code-named “Perseus” has infiltrated the secret services of Western countries so as to stanch the efforts and create obstacles for the United States during the nuclear armament race in the ’70s. In the trailer, it is claimed that the identity and the whereabouts of Perseus were never discovered.

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