How Google paid ‘tribute’ to Pele on his 80th birthday

Football legend Pele turned 80 this October 23. To commemorate his birthday, Google added a special easter egg to the bottom of the search page when someone searched for “Pelé” or “Pele.” The “Goooooooooogle” that’s seen at the bottom of the search results was replaced with “Gooooooooooal” in an alternating green/yellow pattern, the colours of the national football team of Brazil.

If you observe the photo minutely, the link that would take you page 10 of the search results was marked as “#10”, the number of Pele’s jersey during his Santos FC and the New York Cosmos days. The “o” just about the #10 was replaced with a football and when you click the number, an animation of the letter “a” kicking the football to the “G” starts. “G” kicks the ball into the goal (wrapped around letter “I”), in a nod to Pele’s bicycle kick, after which the G and all the o’s erupt in jubilation, hinting at them representing players. If you count the letters from G to o, excluding the a and the I, it comes out to be 11, which most probably signifies a football eleven.
The easter egg stayed on the search results on October 24 also and it is not yet known when it would be replaced with the usual “Goooooooooogle” seen at the bottom of every search result.

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