Meet the 84-year-old gamer with over 9,00,000 ‘grandkids’

If we were to say that a certain Shirley Curry’s YouTube channel has got 911k subscribers, someone out to play down the importance of every fact that we presented would say something like “Well, there are plenty of woman YouTubers who have got more subscribers than that.” We would then add that Shirley Curry is a gamer to which the response could be that “That makes 911k subscribers believable.” But if we were to add that she is 84-years old, then?
It is true and her story was recently covered by The New York Times. Curry has become quite well known in the gaming circles that have played or still play a lot of The Elder Scrolls V” Skyrim. Yes, it is a huge world to explore with plenty to offer to those looking for good storylines. Those of us who’ve played it for sometime know that the game never ends only. One quest leads to another as you journey deep into the fictional world of Skyrim. Coming back to our 84-years old gamer, she “starts every day at her home in southwestern Ohio perched in front of the computer with her camera on, ready to guide her “grandkids” — the term she uses to refer to her more than 900,000 YouTube subscribers — on another journey through the 2011 video game.”, says the article by The New York Times.
As per the article, she posted her first Skyrim gameplay video in 2015 and has never looked back. As of today, she has 9,11,000 YouTube subscribers, 76,026 Twitter followers (as ShirleyScurry) and 7,525 on Instagram. She’s been such an influence on the Skyrim community that Bethesda, the developers of the Elder Scrolls series, has promised to actually include her as a character in the much-awaited sequel to Skyrim.
She first got into gaming with Civilization II, with her son teaching her the game, as per the article. Shirley Curry has gamed for thousands of hours since the 1990s and has been a gamer “longer than many of today’s top competitors have been alive”, claims the report. She has had different jobs before retiring in 1991, at the age of 55.

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