MP government officer’s reply says hand pump to be pierced in complainant’s chest, it is viral

A bizarre and equally insensitive response to a complaint lodged with the Madhya Pradesh chief minister’s helpline over water problem inconveniencing 200 villagers in the Bhind district has gone viral on social media, prompting the government to launch a probe in the matter.

The response given by state’s public health engineering (PHE) department’s executive engineer, responsible for resolving the matter, called the complainant mentally unstable and added that ‘the hand pump will be pierced in the complainant’s chest’, as per the viral post. The weird reply was also shown to have made some reference to “a Chinese war, which is a guerrilla policy”.

The reply dated July 9, 2020 came to light on Wednesday when the complainant Rahul Dixit, a resident of Rahwali village of Bhind district, checked the status of his complaint, filed at CM Helpline on June 7, about incomplete installation of a hand pump at the village inconveniencing 200 villagers.

“When I checked the details, I found PHE executive engineer PR Goyal’s unusual reply, which stated that ‘the complainant is mentally unstable and he and his family are patients of epilepsy. It is not the hand pump, but it’s his brain which is not working. Entire PHE department knows that this insane man tore the clothes of our mechanic. Now, time has come for a Chinese war which is a guerrilla policy. The hand pump will be uprooted and pierced in the complainant’s chest’.”


The engineer, PR Goyal, however, sought to distance himself from the above response by alleging that the CM helpline account had been hacked by someone to malign his image. He added that he had filed a complaint with the district collector in this regard.

However, the PHE chief engineer served him a notice and district collector Virendra Singh Rawat ordered an inquiry into the matter, as per an administrative officer.


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