Robot Zafira to scan people for masks, dispense sanitiser at Tamil Nadu stores

A robot named ‘Zafira’ is being used at all textile stores of a company in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirappalli to ensure that Covid-19 safety guidelines are being adhered to.

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The saree-clad robot is scanning everyone entering the store for masks, checking their temperature and dispensing sanitiser. She is also keeping track on the number of people entering the store to avoid overcrowding.

“We’ve developed robots ever since Covid-19 broke out and lockdown was imposed, to help frontline workers. The robot has a complete intelligence system. It can also track number of people entering store at a time and send details to owners via email, daily,” said Aashik Rahman, CEO, Zafi Robots.

Coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu have reached close to the 40,0000-mark with 5,958 new cases, 5,606 recoveries and 118 deaths being reported in the state on Wednesday. Meanwhile, in India over 3.23 million people have been infected with the disease and close to 60,000 have died.

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