Source code of Android 11 uploaded on AOSP

The source of the stable release of Android 11 is now available on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). If you are a developer and wish to see what’s new in Android 11 then you can visit Google Git for the same. Also, with the source code out, developers can look at building custom ROM and Android skins based on the latest Android 11.
As per a report by Android Police, there are several expected changes that did not appear in the Pixel builds. These are battery defender, freeze cache apps and more. The battery defender feature automatically reduces charging when the device is plugged in for a long duration for charging. Google is also said to be working an “an extra volume slider for the Assistant.”
Google has officially rolled out the latest Android 11 operating system to Pixel phones and it is expected that most Android smartphones will start to receive it soon. Brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme and others have already confirmed it and many other brands will roll it out as well.
Android 11 doesn’t look drastically different when compared to Android 10, however, Google has added some useful features. The biggest changes that Google has introduced is how easily you can chat with people, better privacy features, smart home controls, AI-based predictive tools and more. Not to forget, you will also get the option to record your screen by default in any Android 11 phone.
You can now give one-time permission to apps. Instead of opting for providing permission all the time or only while using the app, with Android 11 you can give one-time permission while using a particular app. Also, Android 11 automatically resets or switches off permissions of apps that haven’t been used for a long time.

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