Tigress that killed domestic animals in Kerala’s Wayanad trapped after 2 months

After two months of intense search forest officials on Sunday captured a tigress that killed many domestic animals and spread terror among local residents in Panamaram in north Kerala’s Wayanad .

The animal had killed three goats two weeks back and tried to attack a cow last week, forest officials said. Two cages were set up two months ago after local people protested and but the big cat evaded the trap several times.

Forest officials said it is a nine-year-old tigress with a slight injury in one of its paws. The fear of the tigress stopped people from coming out of their homes in the evenings in the Panamaram area. After a health check up of the animal, forest officials will decide whether it can be released in deep forests or kept in a zoo.

Wild animals straying into human habitat is regular in Wayanad has now become common, local people complained. In June a tribal youth was killed by a tiger and his half-eaten body was recovered later. A woman on a two-wheeler had a narrow escape in August after a tiger charged and chased her for a short distance before occupants in a vehicle stopped and shooed it away.

The district also boasts of a wildlife sanctuary with a thriving population of elephants and tigers. According to the last wildlife census Wayanad wildlife sanctuary spread over 344 sq km is home to 80 tigers. The district has 60 per cent forest cover and it is a major tourist destination.

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