Watch: Korea gets its first ‘drone taxi’ flying over 3 cities

South Korea is all set to deploy drone taxis to tackle the traffic congestion. The Korean government had announced Korean Urban Air Mobility (K-UAM) roadmap in June 2020 and on November 24, two-seater passenger drones completed their maiden flights in three locations – Seoul, Daegu, and Jeju Island. As part of the government’s plan, Korea is aiming to commercialise passenger drone services by 2023-2025.
China-based EHang Holdings has introduced drone taxis in Korea and the maiden flights were done on the EHang 216 two-seater passenger-grade drone.
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In Seoul, EHang 216 took off from Yeouido Island in downtown to have an autonomous flight over a densely populated area. The second flight was done in Suseong District, Daegu City, to deliver a package containing a 119 fire emergency kit and AED materials. The last flight was done in Jeju Island, EHang 216 flew over the coastline to demonstrate the real use case of aerial sightseeing.
“The Korean flight tour was completed after obtaining the first SAC (Special Certificate of Airworthiness) issued for a passenger-grade AAV by MOLIT. Respectively, the three flights demonstrated the practical use cases of EHang’s UAM solutions in different scenarios,” said the company in a statement.
“To tackle the traffic congestion, we will try our best to develop UAM and turn it into a new engine for our economic development,” said Kim Dae-Gweon, mayor of Suseong District in Daegu city.

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