Watch: Mobile cover with legs that automatically crawls to the charger when battery is low

Researchers at the Seoul National University are working on a smartphone case that is meant to make you lazy. Imagine this situation– your smartphone is about to die and suddenly tiny robotic legs pop out of the smartphone case to carry your phone to the nearest wireless charging pad. This is exactly what CaseCrawler– an invention of the Seoul National University researchers– are up to.
As reported by Gizmodo, this smartphone case with robotic legs can carry phones on flat surfaces and even has knee joints that can bend. Interestingly, CaseCrawler can even move over objects like books and other items usually found on a study table. This case can carry a phone of up to 300 grams which means all phones can be easily carried given the heaviest of the phones weighs at around 210 grams. The case itself weighs under 23 grams.
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Another feature of the case is that it’s a flat device and the legs only pop out when required. The researchers haven’t shared any plans for mass producing this case yet and they are still working on prototypes now.
“This robot can crawl around with the smartphone to enable the phone to charge itself on a wireless charging station. In the future, if appropriate sensing and control functions are implemented, the robot will be able to collect data or return to the owner when needed,” as per the research paper.
As far as future applications are concerned, the CaseCrawler could be an ideal gadget where your mobile actually walks up to you when you get a phone call or message. The prototype of the case looks large but researchers have surprisingly managed to keep it compact enough to fit trouser pockets.

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